I write about my travels, which have all happened by choice, not by force.

I write about squirminess and privilege and much about my own.

I write about being new here and old there and forever in motion.

I write about that time in a bar in Northern Ireland when I learnt how to kill someone with three pencils—yes, that is when I realized the pencil may be at least be on par with the sword if you happen to have multiple of them. (If you’re concerned, I never followed up to see whether or not the method worked.)

I write about large appendages—noses, get your head out of the gutter—and being born with homesickness, and I write because of mothers and grandmothers who maybe never thought they were allowed to.

I make sounds and perform them for many of the same reasons.

I am working on my first novel and always on myself.

3 Other Fun Facts:

  1. I have an MA in Applied Theatre Arts from the University of Southern California.
  2. I am a Fulbright alumna and forever grateful for the sublime opportunity it afforded me.
  3. I live and work in Vancouver and visit my homeland, South Africa, as often as I can. I do all of this with my soulmatehusband and often much giggling ensues.

Visit me at http://www.deborahvieyra.com